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Dian Χαρτί υγείας

Toilet Paper

Our company has a full range of high quality toilet paper for home and professional use, thus enabling the professional to offer high quality services.


Kitchen Towels

The kitchen towels produced by our company, are able to meet the needs of even the most demanding professional, both in the field of Horeca and in the field of retail.



Our company, constantly expanding the range of paper products it offers, produces very soft car facial tissues which are intended for both home and professional use.


Paper Napkins

Trying to be constantly evolving, our company produces napkins for home and business use.



Always wanting to give complete solutions to the Horeca professional, our company is able to cover his every need for devices for professional use.

Προϊόντα Συσκευών

Device Products

Our company, in addition to the wide range of professional appliances, can continuously supply these appliances with high quality products.


Paper Table Covers

Our company, given its desire to offer solutions that will meet the needs of its partners, produces and prints tablecloths with various designs such as navy tablecloth, flower and olive.